29.03.2024, 10:15

INDUSAC - opportunities for companies

INDUSAC is a HORIZON EUROPE project that aims to develop and validate an Industry-Academia Collaboration  mechanism. Within the project, we will facilitate a simple, user-friendly co-creation process that allows the  development of solutions that address the needs and interests of companies in the EU, with special attention to  widening and associated countries.

In the project, you are invited to register on the platform and prepare a non-confidential summary of a challenge  you might be facing.

The Challenge may be from nine general areas:

(1) Customer needs(and product properties) of tomorrow,
(2) Finding white spots in the product portfolio,
(3) Marketing campaign of the future,
(4) Feel the future platform - developing a digital platform based on a market analysis,
(5) Service and product ideas of the future (Basis Persona),
(6) Service and product ideas of the future (Basis Scenarios),
(7) Business plan - reduce your risk and optimise your planning,
(8) Innovative product ideas that solve the customer pain, and
(9) Business model: Adding a service to my product - Building a PSS (product service system) (for details see the Appendix).

Selected international co-creation teams comprising 3-6 students and/or researchers will solve your Challenges  within 4-8 weeks. The company does not have any financial obligations or commitments towards the co-creation team. INDUSAC has a budget of 900.000 EUR gross intended for student members of co-creation teams, where mini-grants of 3.000 EUR gross will be distributed among student members of each team.

By participating in the project, your company receives a solution to its challenge, gets an opportunity to meet  young bright minds from across Europe to consider as future collaborators or employees, and increases its own visibility through international collaboration.


INDUSAC platform for posting your Challenges opened in November 2023
● Motivation Letters submitted by the co-creation teams in June 2024
● engagement from company to guide the co-creation team foreseen for July & August 2024
● results from the co-creation team will be available in September 2024.

Additional cut-off date for receiving new motivation letters will be available for new challenges in September 2024. It is thus advisable that the Challenges are relevant for a reasonable period of time.

We would be happy to provide you with more information about the project and its goals. If you are interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to contact us at indusac@ijs.si or visit the website www.indusac.eu.