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Commercialization of innovations

The commercialization of innovations is a demanding and complex process that calls for participation of a team of experts from different fields. The EEN Croatia and its members offer different services depending on the needs of entrepreneurs and the size of their businesses. In cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network, entrepreneurs are given a chance to establish links with the EU and Croatian markets in order to place their products/service or transfer technology from abroad.

The EEN Network is the most important support structure in the process of innovation commercialization in Europe. It is based on the one-stop shop principle and is available to entrepreneurs free of charge.

Some of the EEN services you can use include the following:

· Information on the supply and demand for technology, knowledge and innovations on the local and EU markets;
· Links to a network of consultants and researches from different scientific fields;
· Finding partners interested in technology transfer;
· Legal and consulting services for negotiations;
· Industrial property protection and protection of entrepreneurs' interests in the process of technology transfer.

Our team of experts offers the service of finding partners for technology transfer abroad during all stages of the process: from the assessment of the innovation potential, to signing a contract with the foreign partner.

Business consultation

We offer our clients the following business consultation services and assistance:

· Finding partners abroad;
· Negotiation with foreign partners;
· Assistance with signing cooperation agreements with partners abroad;
licensing agreement;
technical cooperation: joint venture, joint development of new services or products, testing of new applications;
commercial cooperation (technical consultation);
· Advice on intellectual property protection;

· Information and advice on funding opportunities for innovations.

Intellectual property protection

The success on the market is achieved as a result of new technologies and innovations.

We offer advice on the best possible solution to protect your innovations:
· copyright and related rights
· trademark
· industrial design
· denominations of geographical origin and authenticity
· topographies of semi-conductor products.

More information available at State Intellectual Property Office.